This Month at EOY.

The studio will be closed from December 24- December 26th and December  31st – January 1st.

We will reopen with normal business hours on December 27th, 2014 and January 2nd, 2015.


At this time of year we tend to get caught up in over indulgent practices that do not nourish our bodies and spirits.  Whether you are feeling excited about spending time with  friends and family or you are feeling isolated and sad about the holiday season.  Making sure you take the time to nourish yourself is very important.

Here are a few tips to help you have a more balanced and happy holiday.

1. Keep up your yoga practice!

With all the shopping and partying something has got to give, right? Do NOT sacrifice your practice! If you find yourself with less time take 5-15 minutes to do a few rounds of  Surya Namaskar (sun salutations),  Marjaryasana -Bitilasana (cat-cow) and practice seated and reclined twits. This will energize, relax and help with digestion.


2.  Take a one minute mindfulness meditation break.

This can be done anywhere! Just sit  quietly and focus on your breath. As you are inhaling begin by whispering ‘breath in’ and as you exhale whisper  ‘breathe out’,  do this for a few breaths. Then begin breathing deeply through your nose and  say in your mind ‘breathe in’ on the inhale and ‘breathe out’ on the exhale.  Doing this for one minute will take the edge off of stress and anxiety.

3. Get enough sleep!


Sleep goes a long way in reducing stress. When you are tired  you have less emotional clarity and you are more likely to indulge in non-nourishing behaviors which will increase irritability and unnecessary conflicts with others.




4. Eat well most of the time.


Of course you are going to indulge in delicious holiday treats, as you should! However, every meal does not need to be a holiday celebration. Enjoy your holiday feast, but make sure to get back on track  with your healthy eating routines as soon as possible. You should drink lots of water and exercise as much as you can especially when those celebrations are coming up. Cardio workouts burn off stress and immediately improve your mood.


5. Help someone.


Give money or time  to charities  that resonate with you.

Be there for someone who is in need of friendship and kindness.



6.  Have fun with the people you love!




May you all have peaceful holidays filled with love, light and joy.





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