Essence of Yoga

Sharad Ritu: Fall back into your practice

Sunday, October 7
2 to 4 pm
With Michele

Sharad Ritu — the autumn season — is a time of eliminating the unnecessary and choosing what is right for you. By syncing with the season, we can better align ourselves for greater inner focus and well being.

This workshop includes:

  • A discussion of techniques and different philosophical aspects of yoga that are at the heart of self-care during this season of renewal in the form of letting go.
  • A slow flow yoga practice designed for gentle detoxification and immune system support.
  • Mantra and a guided meditation to help us revitalize as we prepare to approach the end of the year.
  • Simple, take-home practices to deepen (or reinvigorate) your practice.

Fee: $35
After Oct. 1: $40
Suitable for all levels

Fall workshop


Mala Bead Workshop

Sunday, October 28 
2 to 4pm
With Diane
A Mala is a string of beads used to count mantras in a set of 108 repetitions. A Mantra is a word or series of words chanted to invoke spiritual qualities. Chanting is used as a spiritual tool in virtually every culture. In the yogic tradition a mantra is a Sanskrit word that helps to transform consciousness, promote healing and fulfill desires. The practice of chanting a mantra is used as a form of meditation.
In this workshop you will first make your own set of wooden mala beads with color chakra stones and one grounding bead. You will be given your own mantra and we will join in a meditation using your Mala and Mantra. You leave the workshop wearing your own Mala.
Early Registration $50
After Oct. 21 $55

Hip Opening Workshop

Sunday November 4
With Kerriann

This two hour workshop will be focusing on the hips, knees and lower back. By utilizing bolsters, blocks and straps, the poses will be held
for extended periods of time to promote relaxation and allow you to go deeper into
your practice. Namaste

Early Registration $30
After Oct. 28 $35