Hello and Welcome Back!

EOY hopes you all had a wonderful holiday!

Here is what’s happening in January:


Perhaps you over indulged this holiday season and didn’t have a chance to practice as much yoga as you would have liked. Maybe you want to step up your yoga practice as your resolution for this year. Now is a chance to forgive yourself, get back on track and increase your practice with the 30 DAY YOGA CHALLENGE.  Practice yoga at EOY for 30 days starting January 11th, 2015.

If you practice for 30 days between January 11th and February 14th your name will be entered in a raffle and you will have a chance to win gift certificates to use on your next EOY purchase.

Here is how the challenge works:

  • Practice yoga at EOY for 30 days  from January 11th -February 14th 2015.
  • Your name is entered into a raffle
  • 1st name picked from the raffle will win $100 gift certificate, 2nd name picked from  the raffle will win a $75 gift certificate and the 3rd name picked from the raffle will win a $50 gift certificate.
  • All gift certificates are used toward your next purchase at EOY.



Know Before You Flow!


  •  This beginners workshop will focus on alignment in basic yoga postures, breathing techniques and an introduction to yogic philosophy.
  • When: January 18th 2-4PM
  • Cost: $30



Meditation and Reiki Classes

Reduce stress with meditation on the  FIRST Friday of every month
Heal and energize your body by joining the EOY Reiki Circle on the LAST Friday of every month.

3 tips to get back on track after the holidays



1. Start Today: 

As yogi Bhajan would say ” When the time is on you, start, and the pressure will be off.”  If your yoga and healthy eating has taken a hiatus, get back to it ASAP. There is no time other than now to go back to or start a healthy routine.

2. Join EOY’s 30 Day Yoga Challenge: You will be a part of a community of  yogis which will support your healthy routine.



3.  Smile:
Smiling reduces stress and anxiety  by releasing  the “feel-good” hormones called endorphins from your brain. Smiling helps to make  you feel more comfortable in social settings. Smiling makes others feel more comfortable around you. Smiling can help you stay positive.  So smile more often!

Partner Yoga Coming Soon!!!

EOY Partner Workshop