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Class Descriptions

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Learn proper alignment for basic yoga asanas (poses) and the importance of pranayama (breath) while moving through the asanas. These classes explore traditional yoga postures and sequences at a slower pace; modifications are offered to help students gain strength, flexibility and confidence. Beginner classes provide students new to yoga with the foundation for more challenging classes. All are welcome.

All Levels

While beginners are welcome to join the All Levels class, all students are encouraged to deepen their practice by challenging their strength, flexibility and focus, through traditional asanas and sequences. Students will move through asanas with breath and awareness. These classes are designed to relieve stress and take students on an inner journey of awareness by linking movement to breath. All students are welcome as modifications for asanas will be provided.

Hot Yoga

Students will move through a vinyasa (flow) yoga sequence. Vinyasa yoga links breath to each posture. This is a vigorous practice that is done in a heated room. This class is appropriate for students comfortable with a vinyasa yoga practice. Hot Yoga will guide students through postures that will increase endurance, strength and flexibility while reducing stress. Students in this class will move through dynamic postures that will also burn calories and tone the body. You will leave class feeling energized and confident.


Restorative yoga is a gentle yoga practice, where asanas are practiced with the support of props. Through healing, gentle postures and pranayama you will renew your spirit, relax your body and melt away stress. This is a slow, nurturing and therapeutic class making it appropriate for everyone.


Bring a sense of calm and peace to your life by joining a meditation class. Meditation will benefit your emotional well being and your overall health. By focusing on your breath and being in the present moment you can deeply relax and let go of stress. All are welcome to join. Remember meditation is not what you think.
Classes are free, but please bring a donation for the local food pantry.